At present Three Shires is full and cannot take any more ferrets into rescue. We are very sorry but PLEASE do not contact us to take in your unwanted ferrets.

However, if you feel you can give a ferret a loving and caring new home (subject to checks) then do contact us and make an appointment to view what ferrets we have available.

My name is Chrissy Hillyard and I would like to welcome you to the Three Shires Ferret Rescue & Welfare website.Three Shires rescues and rehomes ferrets in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Bedfordshire.


Do take a look around and find out more about ferrets and what fabulous companion animals they make. Visit our contact page if you want any more information about us or if you are interested in adopting a ferret and want further information.


The News & Events page contains all the latest information on ferrets and Three Shires. Our Lost and Found pages list all the ferrets that we know of that are not where they should be. We value this service because we know how distressing it can be when a loved one goes missing.


We hope there is something here for every ferret lover and potential ferret lover.


Welcome again...Chrissy.

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